It is our core belief that effective policing requires strong partnerships between the police and the community. The Oberlin Police Department is dedicated to establishing and maintaining positive working relationships in our policing efforts. Assuring our staff remains committed to these partnerships and provide the highest levels of service requires community feedback. The citizen feedback process is available not only to address concerns when our personnel may have performed in a manner that is in violation of our rules, the law, or an individual’s rights but also to acknowledge instances where our team has exceeded expectations in their service.

How to File a Complaint or Commendation

If you have concerns:

If you believe an officer or police employee did something wrong, gather the employee’s name, badge number, car number, or other identifying details. Collect any witness information and any other evidence related to your complaint. The more information you provide, the more thoroughly your complaint can be investigated.

If you have compliments:

If you want to commend an officer or police employee for excellent service, please note their name or badge number and any specifics about the incident where they provided exceptional service. Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us recognize the outstanding work of our personnel.

Complaints and commendations may be filed in any form, including via telephone, writing, email, in person, or online. For complaints, anonymous and third-party submissions will be investigated to the extent that sufficient information is provided. Use our online form below, pick up a physical form at the police dispatch window, or request a form be mailed to you. Once the form is completed, please return it to the police department at 85 South Main St., Oberlin, OH 44074, or send it to

Submit Feedback Online

Who Investigates Complaints?

Citizen complaints will be investigated by a police supervisor. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and the investigating supervisor may follow up with you if additional information is needed. The investigator assigned to your complaint will provide periodic updates on the status of the investigation as appropriate and notify you upon determining a final disposition of your complaint. Please be patient, as thorough investigations can take time.

For commendations, they will be reviewed and the appropriate personnel, along with their supervisors, will be notified of your feedback. We take pride in recognizing the exemplary conduct of our team members.