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The City of Oberlin periodically seeks service-oriented individuals interested in the rewarding field of law enforcement. Located 34 miles southwest of Cleveland, Oberlin is a city with a population of approximately 8,000, which includes around 3,000 Oberlin College students. The city boasts economic and racial diversity, with approximately 27% of its population consisting of minority residents. Oberlin is home to several notable attractions, including the world-class Allen Memorial Art Museum, Mercy Allen Medical Center, the FAA Air Traffic Control Center, Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, Boys & Girls Club of Lorain County, the Metro Parks Aquatic Facility, the Oberlin Municipal Court, a historic downtown area, and an industrial park.

* Salary is based on the current union bargaining agreement contract as of 1/1/2024. Patrol officers reach their maximum salary after three years of service. For information regarding the latest OPBA Union contracts, please visit the Ohio SERB website.



Application and Testing Procedure

Oberlin is a drug-free workplace and an equal opportunity employer.

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Full-time Patrol Officers in Oberlin are classified as Classified-Competitive by the Oberlin Civil Service Commission, as outlined in the City Charter. This classification entails a specific process when vacancies for Patrol Officer positions arise. The process includes practical testing to establish an eligibility list of candidates for the position, consisting of two parts: a physical agility exam and a written exam.

The physical agility test adheres to the same standards required for successful completion of the Police Academy, while the written exam assesses a candidate’s ability to learn and apply information, observe and remember details, follow directions, and exercise sound judgment and logic. Candidates must pass both the physical agility test and the written exam to be included on the eligibility list.

When a Patrol Officer vacancy occurs, and a Civil Service Exam is scheduled, the Police Department collaborates with the Human Resources Department to advertise the position widely. The announcement is posted in over 35 identified venues to attract a diverse pool of candidates. These venues include the City's website, local newspapers, social media platforms, Ohio Means Jobs, and various local organizations, such as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities.

Once the eligibility list is compiled from the top-scoring candidates, interviews are conducted to assess candidates’ experience, integrity, discretion, problem-solving abilities, and community relations experience. The selection process further involves an extensive psychological examination conducted by a licensed psychologist specializing in evaluating safety service personnel, along with pre-employment drug screening, medical examination, and polygraph testing.

Candidates also undergo a comprehensive background investigation, covering their criminal background, educational history, employment record, financial background, and social media presence. Additionally, references from friends, family, neighbors, and other contacts are contacted. These pre-employment practices are adopted to ensure that Oberlin Patrol Officers are individuals of high moral character who will be valuable assets to both the Oberlin community and the Police Department.

For more information about employment opportunities, please contact:

Lt. Michael McCloskey
Phone: 440-774-1061
Fax: 440-774-1150
Email: police@oberlinpd.com

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