About OPD

The mission of the Oberlin Police Department is to improve the quality of life within our community. We accomplish this by protecting life and property, enforcing laws fairly and without bias, and fostering community partnerships. If a citizen believes, at any time, that a police employee has acted abusively or unprofessionally, we strongly urge the individual to report the incident. Below, please find a guide to our Citizen Complaint Process. Our ultimate goal is to provide top-tier police services to our community.


The Oberlin Police Department acknowledges that its most invaluable resources are the members of the department and the citizens of the community. We understand that success can only be achieved through a true partnership between the department and the community we serve.


The Oberlin Police Department is committed to treating all individuals with dignity and courtesy, acknowledging and respecting their cultural diversity in both public and private interactions. Our approach is grounded in an understanding and appreciation for the diverse community we proudly serve.


The Oberlin Police Department is dedicated to upholding the highest moral and ethical standards. We serve the community with honesty and pride, diligently working to maintain the trust of the public. Furthermore, we take full responsibility for our decisions and actions, consistently striving for transparency and accountability in our service to the community.


The Oberlin Police Department is steadfastly committed to ensuring that citizens requiring our services receive the quality and expertise expected of true law enforcement professionals. Each interaction reflects our dedication to excellence and professionalism in upholding the law and serving our community.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to create the safest possible environment for living, working, and raising a family by preserving peace and reducing both the reality and perception of crime in the community. Through these efforts, we aim to provide every resident with the opportunity to thrive in a secure and serene community setting.

Policies and Initiatives


The Oberlin Police Department relies on Lexipol to play a vital role in shaping our departmental policies, including those related to the Use of Force. Lexipol is a nationally recognized service dedicated to providing law enforcement agencies with constitutionally sound policies, rigorous training, and valuable information. Through extensive research and a commitment to best practices, Lexipol continually enhances and updates its policies, which are then integrated into our department's protocols as needed.

Our department places a strong emphasis on training, and Lexipol serves as a cornerstone of this commitment. Our personnel undergo regular training sessions on department policies through the Lexipol platform to maintain a comprehensive understanding of our policies and stay informed about any updates. In addition to policy training, our officers receive comprehensive instruction in critical areas such as Bias-Based Policing, De-Escalation techniques, handling Mental Health Crises, and appropriate Use of Force procedures. To ensure our officers meet State Mandates and Certifications, the Oberlin Police Department allocates over $30,000 annually to support continued education and training.

To explore Lexipol’s policy positions on important topics such as de-escalation, use of force, and carotid restraint, please visit the Lexipol website.

Body Cameras

In 2014, the Oberlin Police Department made history as the first law enforcement agency in Lorain County to equip each on-duty officer with body cameras. These body cameras serve as invaluable tools, not only capturing video evidence of police interactions but also fostering a crucial sense of security and transparency for the public.

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact of body cameras. They raise the level of accountability and often lead to a reduction in the use of force incidents.

As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency, Oberlin Patrol Officers are mandated to use body cameras on all calls. Video recordings are securely stored on a server and managed in accordance with applicable laws. Stringent access controls and security measures are in place to prevent any deletion or tampering with this vital video evidence.

For public records, any released video is carefully altered to protect legally safeguarded privacy concerns while preserving the original footage’s integrity.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our body camera program, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lieutenant Mike McCloskey at 440-774-1061 or via email at MMcCloskey@OberlinPD.com. Your feedback and inquiries are important to us as we work to maintain transparency and build trust within our community.

Ohio Collaborative

In 2014, Ohio Governor John Kasich took a significant step toward improving community-police relations by signing an executive order that led to the establishment of the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations. This task force was entrusted with providing recommendations to the governor to enhance community-police interactions. One of these recommendations, enacted in 2015, gave rise to the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board (Ohio Collaborative). This board was entrusted with the vital mission of overseeing the implementation of recommendations from the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations.

The Ohio Collaborative has played a pivotal role in shaping state standards for police agencies, encompassing department policies and procedures, including those related to use of force, employee recruitment, and hiring practices, among others. These standards are meticulously crafted to foster accountability and inspire greater public confidence in law enforcement agencies.

In 2017, the Oberlin Police Department proudly joined the ranks of the first agencies in Lorain County to achieve certification through the Ohio Collaborative. This certification signifies our commitment to adopting and implementing the state standards, reinforcing our dedication to strengthening police and community relations. We diligently renew our certification with the Ohio Collaborative on an annual basis.

For more information about the Ohio Collaborative and its mission, please visit the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services website. If you have specific inquiries regarding the Oberlin Police Department's Ohio Collaborative certification, please don’t hesitate to contact Lieutenant Mike McCloskey at 440-774-1061 or via email at MMcCloskey@OberlinPD.com. We value transparency and community engagement as we work together to build trust and enhance public safety.